October 15, 2020

How to do links?

The exchange of links is also equivalent exchange. If you want to change with others a weight of 0, weight of 3 station, no one will miss you. At least you need the weight of 2, and the weight of the other 3 is willing to exchange with you.

Vertical websites are good for safeguarding rights. Google itself is interested in this. If you exchange pan websites, you can bring some weight, but you don't bring high weight vertical websites.

The role of friendship chain can not be ignored. We can visit our website effectively by exchanging friendship links. Users who click on your links are interested in your site. So you can find a high weight and high quality website, link exchange, get a good friendship link website to improve the weight.

When the exchange is almost the same, maintain the weight, Foreign trade enterprises help to customizeGoogle海外推广Plan to achieve global brand marketing without leaving home,and then stop buying the chain. There is a clever way to throw machines. First buy some suitable chain, and so on the site has a certain weight, and then exchange friends with the same site chain.

Exchange links, fast exchange of updated sites, the weight of a low point does not matter. Weight is only the reference of webmaster tool, Google does not recognize the weight. The quick collection of web pages shows that Google spiders visit frequently. , spiders also climb our website. Long term does not update the website, has no communication significance, even now has the weight, after a period of time will fall down. We exchange site friend chain has two purposes, one is to enhance strength, the other is to attract spiders. Going to a good website will bring a lot of benefits to the website.

When exchanging friendship links, don't exchange friend chain with grey station. After exchanging the friend chain, through the stationmaster to check the friend chain from time to time. If there is a problem with the other party's website, it is likely to be related to the decline in the ranking of their own website and the reduction of electricity, so we must pay attention to the friendship link section.

There can be fewer websites in linkexchange. A website weighs 1,5 links, and a website weighs 2,30 links. On the contrary, the weight of the first website is higher.

In addition, we also need to see clearly, there are some power station, cheating station, spinach station. Do not exchange, in order to avoid being punished by search engines. The exchange of links is equal to the other party's website vote, if the other side is not reliable, then we will also be affected.

Usually after a period of time, we should check the friend chain to see if there is a downlink, or to see whether there are degraded stations, stations that have not been updated, and stations with nofollow tag added. We will eliminate some bad stations, so that our friend chain can be healthy.

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