December 21, 2020

Under the "winter" pet economy new windfall is coming?



Pet's water and food crisis

The number of orders for on-site poop scooping increased by 50% in one week

During the New Year's epidemic, many pooper scoopers were unable to return home as planned, during which countless pets left behind suffered a water and food crisis. Many pet owners began to be able to release social mutual aid network information through idle fish and WeChat groups, Taobao platform merchants also urgently recruited door-to-door pooper scoopers during this event, and some Chinese pet service merchants vacated their homes to build foster cat B&Bs for cats.

狗關節保健Taobao data shows that the demand for "door-to-door pooper scoopers" is increasing day by day, with the number of "door-to-door pooper scoopers" orders 50% higher than the previous week during the week of February 6-12 alone. Many Taobao stores are starting to "urgently recruit door-to-door pooper scoopers", with the pay per order even reaching more than 100 yuan.


狗氣管保健食品Miss Li, who recently posted her demand at the neighborhood mutual aid window, told reporters that she is currently trapped in her hometown in Hubei and the food rations of her two cats are about to be cut off, so she hopes to find a reliable pooper scooper to help shovel poop through a paid way.

Another pet owner working in the media, Xiao Na, chose to go to the pet store she used to go to before to provide door-to-door poop shoveling services." Because the store lady is more familiar with, so very relieved, but the price is still a little expensive, I hope they can go back sooner. "

寵物保健食品The reporter also randomly contacted several shopping center pet stores in Guangzhou, three of them said that due to the large amount of boarding business in the store, so it is still operating in a small range; the other two are for the special period of demand increased door-to-door poop scooping services, and home delivery services, but due to the need for strict access audit in some communities, coupled with many store staff have not yet resumed work, door-to-door poop scooping service sales are not much, but the amount of home delivery is The number of home deliveries has increased dramatically.

Obviously, online and offline pet businesses are increasing their services such as door-to-door poop scooping and home feeding. Offline pet stores generally provide door-to-door feeding services within a radius of 3 to 5 kilometers around the store according to the location of the store; while online platforms push the nearest pooper scooper through user positioning to provide the corresponding services. Industry insiders pointed out that door-to-door feeding used to be a narrower market, after this period or will enter the energized period, but the quality of practitioners, consumer trust in the business still needs a longer cultivation period.


Telemedicine, online selling

Online and to home business may continue to grow

In fact, except for feeding services, pets' living needs are not affected by the epidemic, even because of the quarantine emergency, many pet owners do not prepare enough food for their pets, instead, this provides sufficient conditions for the opening of offline channels, especially for home-to-home business.

From the current point of view, the main online businesses for special times include:

Online APP pet supplies for sale. Take the Shenzhen shopping center pet store chain Paw for example, during the main online mall Paw Street, members ordered online through the mall, the channel's biggest bottleneck is logistics.


Meituan, hungry platform pet supplies flash delivery. Because the demand for pet supplies is focused on food, health care products, care supplies, so the demand for delivery time is high. More and more physical pet stores open beauty group, hungry to take out, promoting the rapid development of home services.

WeChat community pet lifestyle products and membership business marketing. WeChat community marketing is favored by many businesses at special times, and pet businesses are no exception. Unlike other types of shopping groups, pet communities discuss more members on pet topics, group activity is very high, and it is relatively easier to bring goods to the community. According to employees, sales of consumer products such as cat food, cat litter, dog food and pet snacks doubled on WeChat during this period, and sales of higher-priced brands were better than lower-priced brands.

In addition, during the home quarantine period, the online pet consultation business has also entered the sight of more and more pet owners. The pet online consultation information platform Dr. Love Pet can launch a free consultation service during this period, which is favored by many pet owners. There are also pet stores that offer nearby online consultation services based on different areas to facilitate subsequent visits to the store by consumers.

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December 18, 2020

Liver cancer does not come suddenly.

Cancer affects the harmony and happiness of thousands of families, and now is a society where everyone is talking about cancer. Cancer does not come overnight and will go through three stages, namely precancerous lesion, carcinoma in situ and invasive cancer. In fact, most cancers can be killed in the cradle of cancer with aggressive treatment in the pre-cancerous stage. Therefore, more knowledge related to precancerous lesions should be learned so that one can protect students' physical and mental health development.

Liver cancer does not come suddenly. People suffering from liver cancer often neglect three minor diseases of the body

What three kinds of minor diseases of the body are often neglected by people suffering from cancer?

1、Colon polyp

There are many kinds of colorectal polyps, BRCA基因檢測香港and the one more prone to cancer is adenomatous polyp. It generally takes 5~15 years for colorectal polyp to transform into colorectal cancer. In fact, at this stage of development, as long as the enterprise actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, reasonable use of drugs, can reduce the risk of cancer. In fact, the most effective method is surgical removal, but surgical removal does not mean that everything is fine, because polyps have a high recurrence rate, and you can go to the hospital for regular review after surgical removal.

2、Chronic atrophic gastritis

Stomach is an important digestive organ, but there are many people with different degrees of gastric diseases, especially gastric cancer can be life-threatening. Stomach cancer does not arise all at once. It will go through many processes, from normal gastric mucosa to superficial atrophic gastritis, to atrophic precancerous lesions, and finally to gastric cancer. During atrophic gastritis, precancerous lesions can be avoided as long as you actively cooperate with doctors for treatment. 防止癌症復發If not actively treated, the chance of developing gastric cancer is extremely high.

3、Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia is a precancerous lesion of cervical cancer, which has almost no signs in the early stage and is only occasionally detected in cervical cancer screening. The probability of moderate to severe cervical intraepithelial neoplasia developing into cervical cancer is extremely high, and proper prevention is crucial.

Liver cancer does not come suddenly. People who suffer from liver cancer often ignore three minor diseases in the body

What should be done when precancerous lesions appear?

1. Active treatment is the key

If unfortunately diagnosed as precancerous lesions, we should not give up on ourselves and let it develop, in fact, most precancerous lesions can be cured. In this case, we should actively correct bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, staying up late or eating heavily. In case of ulcers, erosions and other depressed lesions, we need to take medication as prescribed by the doctor and actively repair the lesions to prevent cancerous changes. If there are bulging lesions such as intestinal polyps, gastric polyps or esophageal polyps, they need to be removed immediately by surgery. When precancerous lesions reach advanced stage, mucosal debridement is required and regular endoscopic follow-up is needed after surgery. If there are cancer cells in the resected specimen, it means that the cancer cells have become invasive in the body, and in this social situation, part of the main organs can be removed immediately, and then actively cooperate with radiotherapy.

2、Adjust the mentality

We need to realize that precancerous lesions are not equal to cancer, not all precancerous lesions will develop into cancer, as long as students actively cooperate with doctors, they can be completely cured and live the same life as normal people. It is necessary to maintain a good state of mind and not to be overly depressed or anxious so as not to affect the immunity and lead to the development of the disease.

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December 07, 2020

Measles symptoms and treatment are specific to the program

There are four stages of measles development from onset to recovery: incubation, prodromal, rash, and recovery, and symptoms vary from one stage to the next. Let's take a look at the four stages of different symptoms.

Symptoms of Measles

During the incubation period, which lasts from one week to 14 days before we get infected with measles, the symptoms are characterized by a slight increase in body temperature.

During the pre-emergence, or prodromal, phase, which usually lasts 3 to 4 days, the symptoms are usually characterized by fever, cough, runny nose and mucous membranes, and a slight increase in temperature. This period is usually characterized by fever, cough, runny nose and mucus, pharyngeal congestion, 德國麻疹是什麼,What is this disease? 1) It is a short-term illness caused by the rubella virus, 2) It is easily transmitted through droplets from an infected person, 3) It is most contagious during a rash outbreak, but an infected person can transmit the virus from 10 days before a rash outbreak to 15 days after a rash outbreak。Koplik's spot (a small white spot), photophobia, and occasionally skin hives.

The rash is predominantly a skin rash for 3 to 4 days after the incubation period, and can reach 40.5°C when the body temperature rises rapidly. The rash starts out as a sparse red spot, and over social time it spreads to the face and extremities. Skin edema and facial edema are typical signs of the development of a severe rash. This behavior abnormal physical health conditions as well as torturous illnesses such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting are accompanied by abdominal pain.

Figure 4. The recovery period of the rash does not last long, after about 3-4 days the rash begins to subside, the recovery period begins, the body indicators begin to return to normal, the appetite increases, and the mind recovers.


1. It is generally treatable. Make sure that the patient has enough rest time, and that the humidity, temperature, and air environment in the room are of good quality in order to ensure good business; food should be nutritious, and water intake should be guaranteed; skin and mouth should be kept clean, and the condition should be closely monitored.

2. Treat the right symptoms. For the various symptoms that start to appear at different times, you can take some corresponding measures, such as reducing the fever if the fever is high; injecting sedatives if the emotions are irritable; and stopping coughing if you cough.

3. Herbal medicine treatment.

As long as you pay close attention to the formation of a cause analysis and other treatment options, a cure is within reach.

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小心! 成年人有更嚴重的麻疹症狀


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